Empress (Full Porcelain Teeth)

Empress (Full Porcelain Teeth)

It is the porcelain that is obtained without using metal infrastructure, by heating glass ceramic on ceramic nucleus with crystal structure that is compressed under pressure, the durability of which is improved. All of it is composed of ceramics. Full porcelain teeth can also be renewed.

1. Why and how does empress dental crowns look natural?

As they have no metal infrastructure and contain ceramics, they imitate transparency, light reflection properties of natural teeth. Conformity of adhesives with teeth tissue and empress features, the chameleon impact of materials provide the desired color and transparency. All of the characteristic features of natural teeth could be reflected on empress teeth crowns. In this way, natural teeth cosmetics can be achieved.

Empress dental crowns are applied at front incisor teeth, having cosmetic importance, at small molar teeth, and missing single teeth in this region.

Empress dental crowns are not preferred for big molar teeth at the back region where chewing motions get increased and at regions where more than one tooth are missing as side by side. In such cases aesthetic and more durable zirconium teeth veneer are preferred.

In coloring relating with antibiotics, flour usage and age, In teeth with canal treatment where no results are obtained with whitening, In teeth where there are tissue and shape disorders, In teeth with position disorder, In teeth lining with intervals, In teeth that get eroded physically and chemically in time, Requirement for multiple restoration and smile designs are conditions when empress can be used.

First of all face and in-mouth photos of patient are taken. Impressions of teeth are taken and appropriate smile design is made for the patient. With method named as “Mock up” image after the treatment is created as demo. Thus, by considering patient’s expectations smile design reaches its ideal form. To apply the approved smile design, teeth are abraded ~2mm under local anesthesia and by taking last measures, data obtained from patient are sent to laboratory. In the same session, using “mock up” temporary restorations are applied to the patient. Thus sensitivity risk is eliminated and patient goes on with his social life. Compliance of empresses is controlled at laboratory. As patient’s approval is obtained, it is permanently placed.

With the temporary teeth prepared by your dentist, you will never remain without teeth. Even if you have missing teeth, as you wait for empresses, with the temporary teeth, you will eliminate the problem of having missing teeth.

Sessions of 45 minutes would be sufficient.

After your Empress teeth are permanently pasted, you can eat and drink comfortably.

Coefficient of expansion and heat difference of Empress are close to that of teeth. As Empress harmonizes well with teeth and as the adhesive used does not get dissolved in the mouth, no teeth smell remains and cold and warmth sensitivity does not occur.

No extra process is required other tahn daily oral hygiene procedure. By brushing teeth, using dental floss, and choosing appropriate floss if there is bridgework you can prolong life span of natural teeth and empresses.

No gingival recession will occur as relating with Empress teeth veneers. Polished surface property and perfect edge harmony, makes plate accumulation difficult and there is biological harmony with gingiva.

No, they won’t form. By means of sticking system, they have a tight bond with teeth. This adhesive does not get lost in time. This problem that appears in porcelain with metal support, is not seen in empress porcelain.

As Empress perfectly fits to the teeth and as the adhesive does not get dissolved, teeth tissue remaining under empress is protected from plates. Your teeth don’t get rotten under empress.

It is not possible for permanently placed empress to fall down or to be taken out as one whole piece.

They don’t get broken due to reinforced structures but anything that is dangerous for natural teeth is also dangerous for empresses.

All its features relating with color and shape are preserved.

With its polished surface, Empress does not cause any plate accumulation and as it is harmonious with gingiva, it is a material that does not create any smell.


It is in harmony with all the soft ans hard tissues. It is smooth and biologically competable.

While valueless metal alloys cause allergic reactions in individuals, empress, which is a full porcelain, does not cause any reactions.


In porcelains with metal infrastructure, metal reflection occurs on gingiva but empresses have the color of gingiva. They are in harmony with the healthy pink color of your gingiva.

Empresses and the adhesives below imitate natural teeth withtheir light transmitting feature. The natural smile you want to have is possible with empresses.

In such a case at the front region, empress is the ideal material to be used. Surface features and form of symetrical tooth can be processes as the same and with the painting technique, color harmonization can be achieved. If requested, cracks, white spots and characteristic features on the natural teeth could be reflected on empress.