Whitening; The tooth structure due to various reasons (enamel and dentin layer) of the penetrated coloring, whitening gels with specific content is the bleaching process.

natural color of teeth darkens over time. Cleaning and polishing of dental calculus comprising performing removed discoloration of teeth. However, the elimination of some coloration with cleaning or tooth tartar is not possible to open more than a few shades of its color. These dental porcelain etc. they can instead more protectivebleaching method, a method is applied.

Reasons for the dark-colored teeth:

  • Developmental disorders of the teeth
  • any injury that develops in the tooth
  • Foods containing the colorant and beverages (tea, coffee, cherry juice, red wine, etc.).
  • Smoking, the use of substances such as tobacco, cigars
  • Aging
  • diseases
  • Medicines, mouthwashes comprising the dye

Whitening Procedure

Whitening procedure in a clinical setting (office type) or the second method can be applied at home can oneself. The process for both short and will be made by the physician saferWe prefer office-type whitening is.

Office-type whitening; average 20minuteness 2-3sessionIt is a process in which heat is. According to the desired results and tooth sensitivity can be increased by decreasing the session. tartar cleaning is required before starting to improve the retention of First processing. After processing starts, pre-whitening tooth color is selected first, then spread the gums to the teeth protector, the continuation chemical tooth whitening gelIt is applied to the teeth and are expected to be activated by radiation. The gel was cleaned and checked again after standing teeth tooth color. Both will continue to be seen if the session.

to appropriate and control the teeth whitening procedures performed in the physician has no damage. Only during or after the process may be a temporary sensitivity of teeth varies from person to person. It is a painless process.

After Considerations for Tooth Whitening

  • or less in the patient precisionIt is seen. These sensitivities it is temporaryThey disappear in 1-3 days. The first day if needed painkillers available.
  • The first few days should be avoided extreme cold or hot.
  • Cigarettes, tea, coffee, chocolate, red wine, black cherry, caramel, coloring dark hosting products such as dressings Following completion of the process at least 3-4 daysshould not be used for.
  • It will extend the use of whitening toothpaste whitening effect. Should not be used in the abrasive with toothpaste or tooth powder. Abrasive products can cause sensitivity to both coloration and after a certain time.

Teeth Whitening what the people after treatment, depending on how careful and painstaking care to do, retention time 3 years 6 monthsbetween changes.


Non-vital bleaching (whitening canal, internal bleaching)

In cases where for some reason the teeth as colored only applies to non-vital tooth bleaching.

placing special bleaching agent in a tooth, the tooth color tone, is intended to the same with the other teeth. This operation will consist of several sessions session about Search 5-7 days.

As one cause discoloration of the teeth

  • Traumas,
  • Amalgam used in dental treatment,
  • Iodinated solutions,
  • Zinc oxide eugenol-like substances,
  • Some drugs used to be some systemic diseases
  • Particularly coloration that occurs after endodontic treatment.


1. What causes tooth discoloration?

Tooth discoloration is often caused by drinking dark-colored liquids such as coffee, tea and red wine, using tobacco, and aging. Dental root canal treatment and antibiotics used for children (especially tetracycline), also cause change in the teeth color

During the teeth whitening process which is performed under dentist supervision, dentist applies the whitening agent in optimum concentration. That’s why when the teeth whitening treatment is performed in a dental clinic under dentist supervision, definitely does not cause any permanent damage (abrasion, corrosion, and breakage). Sometimes during the treatment tingling or extreme cold sensitivity can be experienced. Today this kind of sensitivity issues are easily managed by administration of some special medication and chemicals by dentist.

Teeth whitening can be done in the dental office or at home. When teeth whitening treatment in a dental office is followed up by home whitening, clinically the most effectual results are accomplished.In cases where the patient does not want to wear dental tray, repetition of the office treatments will be useful. Although this repetition process is a bit costly it is extremely necessary to get good results.

In the clinical teeth-whitening, administration of whitening agent on the teeth process is completed by a 30-40 minutes bleaching step. During this period, the bleaching chemical applied on the teeth is activated by a light source and by this way teeth are gotten whiten. Meanwhile, the gums and soft tissues should be protected from teeth whitening chemicals. The dental office whitening handled by dentist is preferred because of shorter treatment time and lack of sensitivity problem. Home treatment following office treatments will be particularly helpful in order to get the best results.

Teeth whitening treatment is performed within one to three clinical visits and teeth get whitened. According to the shade of teeth, whitening treatment can be supported by two to ten days home treatment.

The effects of whitening are considered to last one to three years depending on one’s eating habits, smoking and oral care. After this period by a follow up treatment teeth are whitened again. During this time discoloration will not back but may be darken one or two shades.

While for advanced stages of tooth discoloration, dental laminate veneers are preferred, administration of whitening agents by dentist also works in many cases. If you want to get an appointment with our dental clinic in Atakoy which is located in European side of the Istanbul, please click here.

Teeth whitening prices; It may vary depending on the quality of the selected material, whether other dental treatments are needed and the treatment plan. The most healthy information about teeth whitening prices can be obtained after the first examination.